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2018 Pagosa Springs Workshop Schedule
Group workshops are on hiatus for the summer. However, I am happy to teach private parties for up to 8 people, and I can bring the workshop to you! Contact me for more details.
​​acrylic pouring I & II
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  • ask about private Pouring parties for your friends!
​​Basics workshop-OPEN TO ALL 
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2018 Non-Pagosa Springs Workshop Schedule​​

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  1. Go with the Flow - Acrylic Pouring Workshop
    Go with the Flow - Acrylic Pouring Workshop
  2. October 6, 2018
    October 6, 2018

Go with the FLow!
Acrylic Pouring - The hottest trend in abstract!
Mix your acrylic paint with pouring mediums and funky additives to develop a fluid paint that you can pour and manipulate directly onto your canvas. You'll be amazed at the cool designs you'll create. 

AP-I: Intro to Pouring. Learn how to mix mediums with your paint and then play with some basic pouring techniques. $65/person.
AP-2: For those who have taken AP-1. We'll jump right into to learning even more techniques and creating larger paintings. $55/person.

Courage in Creativity
All creative efforts involve a level of fear and anxiety. Whether it’s cooking, painting or working in our garden, we expose our creative efforts to others' opinions. And that can be pretty scary! Both of these abstract art workshops are designed to help students address the fear that comes with creativity in a judgment free and playful space. Through instruction, inspiration, encouragement and laughter, participants will explore a variety of abstract techniques, play with fun painting brushes and tools, and experiment with several processes and textures. Open to any level of painter; all materials are provided. Cool textures. Abstract techniques. Amazing masterpieces created. 


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“PJ has a fun loving personality. She is approachable, creative, and inspirational."

  "You are a natural at teaching and motivating."
 "Great job making your students feel at ease.”

"I loved PJ's energy and enthusiasm. Plus she's super organized!"

"PJ was a joy. She allowed for a safe environment."

“I appreciated Paula's honesty about her own process as an artist."

"I couldn't believe all the supplies, time/work put into holding the class, choices, and her help with creativity blocks!"
 "You are not only a great teacher, engaging, fun and talented, you made the entire class feel good about what they were doing. Thank you."
“You gave us the freedom to generate without 'How To's' that can crowd people’s spontaneity. Genius!”

"WOW. I didn't think I could do it. But I just let go and it happened.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!