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All Pagosa classes are held in my art studio. 
Ask me about private paint parties for kids, teens, and adults!
Workshop Descriptions​​​​
COURAGE IN CREATIVITY: Ages 13+. All skill levels. $65/person. All supplies included.
This workshop teaches us to use the anxiety that often comes with creating to fuel our inspiration in a judgment free space. You’ll learn cool abstract techniques, paint with 40+ fabulous paint colors (including metallics), and work with a variety of brushes, tools and textures. Together we’ll laugh, we’ll learn, and we paint cool art. Join us!

OPEN PAINTING: Ages 13+. All skill levels. $65/person. All supplies included. 
If you want to paint on your own, and you don't want the hassle of buying supplies and protecting your floors, then come for Open Painting! You can use our supplies and space for your personal painting time. 

GO WITH THE FLOW l: Ages 13+. First-time Pourers. $75/person. All supplies included.
We’ll mix together mediums and acrylic paints, then pour using cool techniques; including clean and dirty pours, swirled pours, flowering, pushing/pulling and flip cups. You’ll be absolutely amazed at the gorgeous pieces you will create.

GO WITH THE FLOW ll: Ages 13+. Experienced Pourers. $75/person. All supplies included.
You’ve tried your hand at PJ’s acrylic pouring class. Why not expand your experience?  You’ll learn even more fun pouring techniques, and pour your mixes onto unique new substrates, beyond the canvas.

KIDS KREATE! Mini-Monets (Ages 6-9). Young Picasso’s (Ages 10-12). $35/student. All supplies included.
These painting classes celebrate kids’ innate creativity, and challenge them to learn painting skills and techniques, appropriate for their skill levels. Each class will have a new theme. Help your kids explore the world of art through imagination, experimentation, and play.